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Creating Private Docker Registry 2.0 with Token Authentication Service

Docker Registry is a stateless server-side application that can act as a central repository for Docker images, Docker has its own free to use central registry called Docker Hub.

Setting up your own Docker Registry in your production environment, gives you control over what image being stored and control over the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflow, where you can push changes to the source control repo, then the CI tool of your choice pulls the image from your private Registry, run the tests and then build the image and push it to the private registry, then a Docker API will be triggered to deploy the new image into production.

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Using Ansible with DigitalOcean

I started using Ansible about two months ago, because it appeared back then as an easy way to the automation world, it turns out, i was right.

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Amazon S3 Automated Backups

Amazon S3 buckets can be a great place to store regular backups, using AWS API storing backups at S3 buckets can be done easily.

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Vagrant PHP Development Box With Ansible

Vagrant is a great tool for creating a portable and configurable virtual machines on top of Virtual Box, VMware, AWS, and even Docker.

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Docker Orchestration With Fig

Docker orchestration is a term used to describe process of managing multi-containers and their configuration on the same host or across a cluster.

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Building PHP Application With Docker

Using Docker, deploying application components in production environment can be done in minutes. In this post i will build a simple wordpress PHP application stack using Nginx (front-end container), and two Application servers (back-end containers) which are connected to a MySQL container.

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Control Resources With Cgroups

Controlling and limiting system resources is a great deal for sysadmins, especially on heavy loaded machines. When mentioning limiting or prioritization, some terms pop into my head like nice, and ulimit, that was before cgroups.

CGroups (Control Groups) is a linux kernel feature written by Paul Menage and Rohit Seth at 2006, that limits and allocates system resources to different process groups.

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Using Overlayfs With LXC

Overlay-filesystem (or Unionfs) is a filesystem service that uses union mount to mount different filesystems hierarchies to appear as one unified filesystem. The overlay-filesystem overlays one  filesystem above the other into a layered representation.

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Getting Started with LXC

LXC (Linux Containers) is an OS-level Virtualization method, used to run separated linux containers on the same machine without hardware emulation layer between the containers and the OS.

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Before you Start with LXC and Docker

When i started reading about Docker i started with a normal search on Google and i read the Wikipedia article then i got stopped by some terminologies like process groups, cgroups, and namespace and i was like huh..!!, i wanted to start using docker and do the cool stuff everyone is talking about, but i needed to understand everything before getting my hands dirty. This lead to a weekend of search about each term to understand the whole thing.

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