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Using Overlayfs With LXC

Overlay-filesystem (or Unionfs) is a filesystem service that uses union mount to mount different filesystems hierarchies to appear as one unified filesystem. The overlay-filesystem overlays one  filesystem above the other into a layered representation.

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Getting Started with LXC

LXC (Linux Containers) is an OS-level Virtualization method, used to run separated linux containers on the same machine without hardware emulation layer between the containers and the OS.

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Before you Start with LXC and Docker

When i started reading about Docker i started with a normal search on Google and i read the Wikipedia article then i got stopped by some terminologies like process groups, cgroups, and namespace and i was like huh..!!, i wanted to start using docker and do the cool stuff everyone is talking about, but i needed to understand everything before getting my hands dirty. This lead to a weekend of search about each term to understand the whole thing.

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